yesmovies – legal or illegal?

Yesmovies is a streaming site. This means that you can stream movies and series for free. Current titles are also available – and you can enjoy a large selection of content. This article will tell you if yesmovies is safe for you to use.

What is yesmovies?

Yesmovies provides links to series and movies on its website. When you access them, you can watch the content or download it directly. The service is popular mainly because of its large selection of titles. In addition, current movies are also available. However, caution is advised when using yesmovies. The operators rely on an illegal concept.

How safe and legal is the yesmovies streaming platform?

If you visit the site, you will not face any legal consequences. But if you click on the links and play the content, you are liable to prosecution. Keep in mind that the site itself is breaking the law – it does not own the copyrights to the movies and shows.
If you want to avoid a fine, you should refrain from using yesmovies. As of 2017, you as a streamer are no longer in a legal gray area.

What about the streamers themselves?

As a user, you must also make sure that your online streams are legally acquired content. Otherwise, you will be threatened with a warning. If this is your first offense, the maximum fine is 150 Pfd.. However, if you commit multiple offenses, you could be looking at a four-figure fine. So it is not worth your while to use yesmovies.

Alternative to yesmovies

Online streaming is undoubtedly popular – even if yesmovies is not recommended to you, you do not have to do without movies and series from the Internet. On the contrary, nowadays you can choose from a variety of providers. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching, Amazon Prime and Netflix are good options. You can even use these services for free for the first month to familiarize yourself with what they have to offer. After that, monthly fees run into the single digits.

If you are a fan of old westerns, thrillers or silent movies, you should check out

The bottom line

Yesmovies convinces with a large selection of streams, but the provider acts illegally. If you use the platform, you are liable to prosecution as a streamer. To avoid warnings, you should rather use legal alternatives like, or Netflix.

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