Anime Toast – legal or not?

Anime is popular with many users today. So it’s not surprising that there are many streaming services available to fans. One of them is the creative and distribution platform Anime Toast. In this article, you will learn whether you can use this service legally – and therefore without hesitation. This will help you make an informed decision.

What is Anime Toast?

Anime Toast is an online service that allows you to create and share your own anime movies. There are no restrictions on length or content. It is also possible to stream anime series. All you need to use the platform is a PC with an Internet connection. The service is also free.

You can download the program from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. A short introductory film informs you about the basic functions of the application. In addition, you can look forward to easy operation.

How safe and legal is the Anime Toast streaming platform?

Anime Toast is very popular among anime and manga fans. By the way, you can not only create videos on the portal, but also buy books, clothes, DVDs and accessories. The problem is that this website is not licensed. A provider is only allowed to sell products with a valid license.

It is currently unclear whether the platform will seek a license in the foreseeable future. Therefore, Anima Toast is illegal in this country. This applies both to purchases on the portal and to its use for streaming.

What about the streamers themselves?

There have been no reports of anyone being prosecuted for buying or streaming on Anime Toast. However, you can definitely face criminal consequences for using the platform. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to distribute copyrighted. Therefore, you are also acting illegally if you watch a series or a movie on Anime Toast. This is true even if you only download the content and do not distribute it.

Since Anime Toast is anonymous, you run little risk of getting caught. You are likely to remain undetected as a user. However, you should not take unnecessary risks. Look for alternatives to the platform.

Alternatives to Anime Toast

There are now several legal alternatives to Anime Toast. Many of these portals can be used for free. One of them is Toon Boom Harmony. Here you have the possibility to create professional animations. You can also share them with others.

You can stream anime legally and for free on the platforms like Crunchyroll. Paid alternatives are Anime on Demand and Netflix.


Anime Toast is not legal. Streamers also make themselves liable to prosecution by using the portal. This is because the service provider does not have a license. You should also refrain from buying the products. So you better look for an alternative. This way you are on the safe side from a legal point of view.

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